10 Random Facts About LadyNOD

10 Random Facts About LadyNODHappy Halloween and what better way to take off my Wonder Woman cape for a MOMent than to share 10 random facts about me thanks to my lovely mom blogger friend at Project Life Wellness I met recently at Moms Meet WOW Summit who challenged me !

Random Facts #1: My favorite action hero is Wonder Woman because some days I feel all Wonder Woman and some days I am a Woman who Wonders how a 3 year old can make me doubt my super powers.
Random Facts #2: I was born and raised in Cote D’Ivoire, West Africa and French is my native language so you’ll read some Francais in my caption (Oui Oui) because I absolutely love sharing my Ivorian culture.
Random Facts #3: Hubby was born and raised in Barbados and moved to the US the same year I did (I don’t believe in coincidence): Him in FL (no sense of adventure) while yours truly found herself in Rochester, NY in the thick of freezing cold but again that’s where Hubby found me so no coincidence!
Random Facts #4: I love that our girls inherited our wanderlust genes and my current dream travel destination is the island of Seychelles and I can’t wait to visit!
Random Facts #5: I have been dancing from the womb, my mom tells me, and danced all through college. I was even part of an African Dance group that performed different places in Upstate NY!
Random Facts #6: I am a foodie at heart and love any yummy Story Destination from all around the world because that’s the heart of my Ivorian culture and upbringing.
Random Facts #7: My Christian faith is more of a lifestyle than a religion because my faith is what drives my choices as a wife, Mom and business woman even if you hear me yelling some order in my home. The struggle is real but so is my God!
Random Facts #8: I am a home educator who loves supplementing my girls’ public education with homeschool education because I am a firm believer that the world around us offers so many fun learning opportunities.
Random Facts #9: I love and breathe fashion so much that I did a modeling stint in college then decided to keep my day job and let the world be my runway.
Random Facts #10: I started my blogging journey over a year ago and built so many amazing relationships with moms and brands along the way that I am glad that I took a leap of faith.

10 Random Facts About LadyNODNow it’s time to put my Wonder Woman cape on as we enjoyed family fun time at Hubby’s company Boo Fest with my superhero of husband amd my oh so cute Wonder Girls! Thanks to Innana who inspired me to create this list and I would love to know some Random Facts about you as well so do not hesitate to comment below or say hi.


Have a safe Halloween if you celebrate and Happy last day of October!

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