A Salute on Veterans’ Day to Colonel Adele E. Hodges

Happy Veterans' Day and a salute to Colonel Adele E. HodgesA special salute on Veterans’ Day to Colonel Adele E. Hodges who we met in January 2015.  Happy Veterans’ Day and a heartfelt thanks for all your service and sacrifice!  Meeting Colonel Adele E. Hodges is one encounter we will never forget. It took place when we took our girls to the Discovery Museum for Martin Luther King’s Day.

We learned a lot along the way and came across a table that displayed facts about Walter’s Memorial AME Zion Church.  We listened as the woman at the table shared with us the rich history behind AME Zion Church and its involvement in the Underground Railroad. She welcomed our questions to my girls’ excitement.

We couldn’t have asked for a better day!  While browsing the table, we came across a picture on the display. We looked at the picture and could not believe our eyes. We turned to the lady and asked her to confirm. She had a smile on her face that gave it all away. We were so excited and flabbergasted to be in the presence of such a trailblazer. Here is the picture in question that made us do a triple!!

Happy Veterans' Day and a salute to Colonel Adele E. HodgesDoes the picture look familiar? Look closely…closely…yes…I know!! We felt the same!! We could not contain our excitement to find out that the lady who was sharing with us about AME Zion Church is a trailblazer in the history of this nation. The woman at the table was Colonel Adele Hodges: the first woman to command Camp Lejeune in 2006, overseeing more than 47,000 Marines and Sailors.

This woman took the path less traveled and made her mark in the Marine Corps. She is a great example of what Hubby and I reinforced in our girls about believing in who they want to become. It was a moment that still blows our mind and we are still talking about it! We will forever remember and thank God for making history alive for us, especially our girls!!

Happy Veterans’ Day to all veterans and thank you for your service!!

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