Family Fun Adventure to Legoland in Westchester, NY

Family Fun Adventure at Legoland in Westchester, NYOur family fun adventure to Legoland in Yonkers, NY is one that we will definitely cherish.  Legoland is roughly 1 hour driving distance from our home.  The plan was to get to Legoland when they open at 10 am, enjoy a fun morning there and get back around 2pm in time for Babygirl’s nap.  That beauty sleep is so essential for this three-year old.

All 3 girls are die hard lego lovers so you can imagine their excitement when we announce our day trip to Legoland.  Twenty minutes before the estimated time of arrival at Legoland, the engine light signal went on.  Then the oil light signal went on.  We pulled over at the near by gas station to take a look.

Family Fun Adventure at Legoland in Westchester, NYHubby checked the oil and that’s when he realized that the oil was not only leaking but gushing from the oil cooler hose.  Our real family fun adventure to Legoland started.  Twenty minutes away from Legoland turned into two hours of going from an auto repair to a gas station to finding the nearest auto service center. We later found out the problem was a rather well known one.

Our girls did amazing through it all but their whole concern was whether or not we would make it to Legoland.  We were honest with them about the need to get the car to the dealership to make sure the problem was fixed.  They did their best to entertain themselves to pass the time and came up with several original games.  We were so proud of them and prayed together for the best.

We pretty much carry the whole fridge with us when we travel so there was plenty of food and snacks to keep their tummies happy.  When we were getting ready to go to the dealership’s service center, someone mentioned a mechanic close by and we decided to take the chance with him and he was able replace the hose with a temporary one.

A stop at Whole Foods Market at Ridge Hill Mall before our Family Fun Adventure at Legoland in Westchester, NY At this point it was way past noon so we had to make the decision to either return to Connecticut and call it a day or make our way to Legoland and stretch Babygirl out of her normal routine.  We decided we needed to eat lunch before making any further decision so we headed to one of our favorite places to eat: Whole Foods Market.

Whole Foods Market happens to be located with the same mall as LegoLand, Ridge Hill Mall.  We didn’t tell the girls but we decided since the girls handled the whole ordeal with such grace they were well deserving to enjoy some time at Legoland.  On our way to Whole Foods Market, they saw the sign for Legoland and kept screaming!

Family Fun Adventure at Legoland in Westchester, NYAfter lunch, Babygirl was so tired that she did not put on a fight when we laid her down in the car for a nap.  Hubby and the big girls went exploring all the wonderful shops at Ridge Hill Mall while I spent some quiet time with Babygirl being thankful that things turned around after all for our family fun adventure at Legoland.

When Babygirl woke up from her nap, she kept asking when we were going to Legoland.  The excitement and the relief on the girls’ faces when we entered Legoland was priceless.  Our family fun adventure at Legoland officially started.  We quickly got into rescue mode by hopping aboard our chariot on the Kingdom Quest ride to rescue the captured princess.

Family Fun Adventure at Legoland in Westchester, NYWe enjoyed exploring their spectacular Miniland and playing with the interactive city.  Next stop was all about family team work to build and test our ultra-fast Lego racing car to race others across the finish line.  Babygirl and Hubby took on the challenge at the Earthquake table to test the strength of their brick towers and Babygirl did not want to stop.

The big girls and I tested our Ninja skills in the Dojo Temple and saving Ninjago City.  The girls enjoyed the new climbing wall at Ninjago City and they spent some fun time there while Babygirl was still enjoying her time at the Earthquake table.

Family Fun Adventure at Legoland in Westchester, NYThe Lego 4D Cinema was the big girls’ favorite stop with wind, rain and snow effects that really put them in the heart of the action.  Babygirl and I happily let our imagination loose in the animal-themed Duplo Village.

Unfortunately, Babygirl didn’t meet the height requirements for Merlin’s Apprentice ride so while the big girls happily pedaled the enchanted cart, Babygirl and I joined the Lego Friends at Olivia’s House for a super fun party.

Family Fun Adventure at Legoland in Westchester, NYThe highlight of our family fun adventure was catching the special Master Builder Academy where we enjoyed discovering insider tips and tricks in their Mosaic class.  The best part was the presentation at the end of the class to showcase individual Masterpieces to the class.

Our family fun adventure to Legoland turned out to be so memorable that we are still talking about it.  The whole day is a reminder that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.  Sometimes one difficult road tests what a family is made of and I thank God that our family passed this particular test because one difficult road did lead us to one family fun adventure at one beautiful destination: Legoland.

Family Fun Adventure at Legoland in Westchester, NYWELLthy Mom NODte:”Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” -Unknown


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