Daniel Fast 2018 Reflections

Daniel Fast 2018 ReflectionsDaniel Fast 2018 Reflections are a wonderful way to look back at the past 21 days as I gazed at this gorgeous fiery Connecticut evening sky. This year Daniel Fast has been full of twists and turns as we embarked on this journey to focus on God. I have to be honest and say that every year I find all the excuses in the book to get out of Daniel Fast but every single year we go through it, I see how the Daniel Fast healthy habits and choices set the tone for the rest of the year. The mind is really the one we have to get in shape in order to achieve worthy goals.

Daniel Fast 2018 Reflections is about helping me shut out a lot of distractions to focus on hearing from God on a personal level through Bible reading, praying, journaling, teachings inspired by the Daniel Fast 21 Days WELLthy Inspirations¬†and quiet time. The day that stood out to me this Daniel Fast was Day 17 that focused on the promise that It Is Well with my soul. I have been saying and singing “It Is Well” for so long but it became real to me this year as I faced some health and financial battles.

Daniel Fast 2018 ReflectionsOne night as I was enjoying the company of some ladies from my church in prayer and worship, the song “It Is Well” by Kristene DiMarco started playing and my heart was filled with so much peace and thanksgiving knowing that through it all, it is indeed well with me, Hubby and my girls. In that moment I realized to trust God or not because I couldn’t be double minded in my walk with Him.

That night was a turning point for me and I made up my mind that I would indeed trust Him through it all. That decision has been catalyst in rebranding my blog to WELLthy Mom Lifestyle as I realize that true wealth is about the people in your life and I am so glad to have God as part of my inner circle.

Daniel Fast 2018 Reflections are summed up in this breathtaking evening sky and I am truly thankful to have stayed the course the past 21 days. The stunning sky reminded me that in spite of the past foggy and gray days we had in Connecticut, things do turn for the better if you let them run their course because it is well.

My heart is currently full of all the God possibilities the next 337 days hold and I am beyond excited. I cannot shake off the feeling that 2018 is going to be fire and that even the sky is no limit to what God can do if we take time to make Him first, not just 21 days of Daniel Fast but every day of our lives. Happy Sunday and here’s to getting back to sipping a hot tea on a gorgeous Fall/Winter night because it is well!

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