A Family That Works Out Together Stays Fit Together

A Family that works out together stays fit together - stairs work outA family that works out together stays fit together and our family agrees wholeheartedly.  Hubby and I believe in being who we want our children to become so we make an effort to set an example of what healthy whole looks like.

Before we had kids, Hubby and I used to workout together all the time.  They say a baby changes everything and they are so right.  We miss working out together so we decided to use our family time as a workout time whenever we can.

We are doing our best to make exercising together a priority and our girls love it.  Living in the Northeast doesn’t give us much chance to do a lot of outdoor activities.  However, Hubby and I try to be creative to maximize our outside time.

A Family that work out together stays fit together - tire exerciseThe plan was to stay home and get some work done this particular Track Clinic but Hubby encouraged me to to come out at the track and run.  I decided to take him on the offer to spend some time with our toddler while I work out and the oldest two were enjoying Track Clinic.

I jogged that day and did some tire workout.  Tire workout is no joke but a wonderful tool for core workout, like push ups and triceps workout.  I finished my workout that day with a 1 minute plank and felt so good.


girls track and field work outOne thing I realize with exercising in general is the consistency.  I know as moms it can be difficult to prioritize because of the mommy demands.  However, we cannot give out of an empty tank so let’s take make ourselves a priority and take care of us. Our whole family will benefit tremendously.

I am glad I chose family workout time over work that day because we all felt so good leaving the track that day.  As much as possible, maximizing our outdoor time while we have some warm days is our priority because a family that works out together stays fit together!

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  1. I am such a fitness fanatic. Every once in a while I’ll have a month or two stretch with no consistent exercise, but I’ve learned over time that I feel better about myself and have an overall better outlook when I exercise. My husband and I try (and I emphasize TRY as I end up by myself most times) to work out to different YouTube videos at home because during the school year it is dark but the time we are home at the same time and we cannot go out alone with three children in tow. I like it when it’s the two of us together better than each of us doing our own thing!!

    1. Exercise helps us so much in finding a balance in our day to day life, especially when you add mommy life. It helps when I work out with Hubby too but I realize that it’s not possible during the weekdays and that’s when we each do our own thing but try to allocate one hour in the weekend, weather permitting to do something as a family and that’s when we can do something together when the girls are busy bike riding, running around or at the park. Do what you can, especially for your little ones as I realize that all 3 of them look up to me more than their daddy so I push through for them to see working out at home or outside. It’s not easy juggling it all but well worth it and you got this mama!

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