Forever Daddy’s Girl

Father's Day Outdoor WorkoutAs I watched Hubby transform into an amazing father of 3, I am reminded by their dynamics that I always will be a Forever Daddy’s girl.  My Papa was the kind of father with the most gentle and quiet spirit I know.  When he and my mom separated, I never felt the void because there was no animosity whatsoever and he was very much part of my life.

My mom told me that when I was born, my Papa didn’t know what to make of a girl since there were 4 boys before me.  I gladly accepted the mission to train my daddy and in turn he raised me to be his Forever Daddy’s girl.  The very first man in my life made sure to tell me every opportunity he could that I was the apple of his eyes.

I grew up with no identity crisis because I was raised a Forever Daddy’s girl by his love, guidance and encouragement.  He was the one who made sure to remind me that I am both beauty and brains.  He reminded me often that whatever my brothers can do, I can do as well.

I miss my daddy who I lost in 2001 but God in His loving ways reminds me that I have never stopped being His Forever Daddy’s girl as well as my Papa‘s.  God also provided a father figure who I affectionately call my American Dad.  I walked down the aisle on my wedding day blessed to have 3 wonderful fathers in my life: my Father in Heaven, my Papa and my American Dad.

Father's Day Outdoor WorkoutToday I am taking a moment not only to celebrate my 3 fathers but also Hubby and my girls’ Daddy.  Hubby has chosen to make loving us, his four girls, his lifelong mission.  This Father’s Day weekend, I am reminded how essential a father is to his child.  I see it in how my girls light up when their Daddy walked in the house after work.  I see it when he coaches them on the track or do a science experiment with them.  I see it when he kisses them or reads to them.  I see it when he affirms them in their identity as God’s Princess and his Forever Daddy’s girls.

I see it and I am simply thankful that the same way I was raised a Forever Daddy’s girl, my girls are blessed to be raised Forever Daddy’s girls.  On this Father’s Day, I lift all fathers to seek wisdom and strength from the Ultimate Father in order to reach a generation in need of love, purpose, hope and intentional leadership.

May you, fathers, realize that every choice you make shapes the future in major ways.  As we celebrate you on Father’s Day, may you yourself know love, purpose, hope and mentorship so that you can extend the same to your children as you raise them to be Forever Daddy’s girl or boy.  Happy Father’s Day to you!


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