Fun Educational Learning with KidLoLand App

Fun Educational Learning with KidLoLand AppFun Educational Learning with KidLoLand App came handy when my toddler experienced Febrile Seizure and we were in the Emergency Room. The two weeks that followed were really tough because she didn’t want to be away from me. One activity we enjoyed together was t fun educational learning with KidloLand app.

Kidloland App offers preschool aged kids an extensive library of fun and educational games and songs to keep them entertained (and help them learn along the way). The app is free for download on Apple, Google Play, and Amazon with dozens of songs available to try, but with the subscription you can open up a library of over 1,000 songs, games, and activities for your child!

Fun Educational Learning with KidLoLand AppAnd the most important, and probably the most interesting function of this program is the ability to interact with animated characters on the gadget’s screen. Your child will be happy to sing, read poetry, play games with different heroes. After one download of a verse or a song, you can play them without connecting to the Internet.

Fun Learning with KidLoLand App offers:

  1. Funny videos, with which your child will be able to learn the alphabet, numbers, names of fruits, animals, colors, etc.
  2. Amazing learning stories. They are aimed at teaching correct reading.
  3. Pre-school games for the little ones. A large set of educational puzzles for the development of your children.
  4. Interactive characters. Just touch any animal or cartoon character as they come to life.
  5. Educational cards. Interactive cards are made in bright colors, which helps children to better remember information.
  6. Unable to connect to Wi-Fi. After downloading content, you no longer need the Internet to play any file from the application.
  7. Free from advertising. Since the program is designed for young children (1 to 5 years), it’s a feature that I appreciate and welcome.

Fun Educational Learning with KidLoLand AppThere are multiple categories to choose from to match your child’s interests or create learning opportunities. Parents can create custom playlists to keep things entertaining, making it fun for the little ones and helping avoid too much repetition. With the sheer amount of content available with the subscription, kids can have fun playing (while learning at the same time.)

The app is constantly being updated with added content that is all available with the subscription and the perfect fun learning gift for your little learner.


Fun Educational Learning with KidLoLand App

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