The Heart Of A WELLthy Marriage Covenant

The Heart Of A WELLthy Marriage CovenantThe heart of a WELLthy marriage covenant was in full display a couple of weeks ago as we participated in our church 2nd Annual Marriage Olympics.  The Marriage Olympics was a great reminder why marriage is all about winning for the team.

This weekend, Hubby and I watched the new OWN documentary called “Black Love” and enjoyed hearing about the various couples’ stories and journey.  Marriage is really hard work and we can attest to it as Hubby and I are entering our 13th year of wedded bliss.  We took away so many lessons watching the documentary and I was reminded again about the heart of a marriage covenant.

Before I met my husband, I was enjoying single life to the fullest. I was at a place in my life where I knew who I was and whose I was. I knew that I was God’s one of a kind masterpiece. I knew that God loved me just as I was, imperfect and all. I knew that God had a beautiful plan for my life.  I knew He would also make sure that I fulfill that plan as long as I was in His will.

I knew that all I needed was God.  That truth brought me to a wonderful place of wholeness in only Him. Then he happened. I met him and he was adamant that I was to be his wife. I fought my feelings for him with everything within me because it was too good to be true.  This man not only loved God but he was everything and more than what I had on my list.  Yes I had a list and that list was long and very specific.  Since God wanted the job to be my matchmaker, I told myself I might as well go all the way.  So I told Him exactly what I wanted. 

The Heart Of A WELLthy Marriage CovenantIt’s so much like God to give you more than you ask or can even think.  God truly did it.  He worked our story in such a way that one week from our first date, I knew. I knew this man was God’s answer to my prayer.  I remember walking down the aisle on October 16th, 2004 knowing that our God was the One officiating the wedding. I knew without doubt that our marriage, which was founded on our faith in Christ, could withstand everything and anything this life threw at us. I cherished every part of our wedding ceremony because I understood it was a God thing.

When we walked down the aisle as husband and wife, we fulfilled the spiritual and the legal aspects of marriage. We wouldn’t do without both because we understood the sanctity of our union.  We wanted our union to align with God’s law and Man’s law.  I take pride in the fact that God brought us together to show that “Two becoming One” in Him was much more than a piece of paper. When my husband and I entered in covenant that day with God, God sealed it in our hearts and no man can take that away.  I am learning in our marriage journey to do my best to be a WELLthy wife and only with God’s help.

I pray for single men and single women to trust that God is still in the business of being the best romance author this world knows.  He promises to write you a beautiful love story if only you let Him.  I also pray for the couples who are having difficulties in their marriage now.  I ask God to bring healing in your marriage in a way that only He knows. 

I heard not too long ago that when your marriage is going through rough times if only one of you is willing to make it work there is hope.  However,  if both of you are willing there is no telling what miracle is ready to happen.  Trust that He will work all things together for your good and expect restoration and newness.  I trust that His strength and love carries you through whatever challenge you are facing now and until death do you part. 

WELLthy Mom NODte: A marriage covenant is a promise to God and your spouse to strive daily for a relationship based on faith and love in the pursuit of “Two becoming One”. -LadyNOD

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