Ivorian Food Recipe of Foutou with Sauce Graine

Ivorian Food Recipe of Foutou with Sauce GraineIvorian Food Recipe of Foutou with Sauce Graine, pounded plantains with palm nut stew is one of my favorite Ivorian dishes to make. My girls have been requesting this Ivorian Food Recipe of Foutou with Sauce Graine for quite some time so I decided to grant their wish. In the Ivory Coast, plantain holds a privileged place in the national diet and is the base of the traditional “foutou,” the national dish.

Foutou Ingredients:
1 piece of cassava (manioc)
6-8 yellow plantains


Ivorian Food Recipe of Foutou with Sauce GraineDirections
Peel the cassava and plantains and cut into short lengths. Boil the cassava and plantains in unsalted water until cooked, about 20-30 minutes. Cool the plantains in their cooking water while you drain the cassava. Mash in a mortar with a few drops of the cooking water to prevent it from becoming sticky. It should have the consistency of a smooth paste.
Mash the plantains separately without adding any water until smooth. Combine the plantain and cassava. Add a few drops of water if necessary to achieve the proper consistency. Using your hands, form the foutou into balls or oval loaves.

Ivorian Food Recipe of Foutou with Sauce GraineSauce Graine, one that you can’t miss in the Ivorian gastronomy, is made of palm nuts. Traditionally, palm nuts are cooked and then crushed in a mortar to extract the sauce. However in the USA, I purchase the palm nut cream in the store to be cooked with crab, meat or fish.

Sauce Graine Ingredients
3 pieces of King Fish
1 can of TROFAI palm nut cream
2 whole crabs
1 onion
baby bella mushrooms
LadyNOD GPS (Garlic powder, black Pepper, sea Salt)

In saucepan, pour the contents of the palm nut cream can directly into the saucepan then add not less than the equivalent of two TROFAI can of hot water, onions and mushrooms. Bring it to a boil, season according to your taste with LadyNOD GPS, add okra, fish, crab and let cook uncovered for 30 to 40 minutes to obtain the desired consistency. Serve sauce graine hot with foutou and Voila.

Yes this Ivorian Food Recipe of Foutou with Sauce Graine tastes as good as it looks! I am truly thankful that my girls have embraced my Ivorian culture and I look forward to sharing more of our yummy healthy MOMents with you. Bon Appetit to you!

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