Our Yummy Lunch Date Destination To UCBC in Trumbull, CT

Our Yummy Story and Lunch Date Destination at UCBC in Trumbull, CTOur yummy story and lunch date destination to UCBC (Upper Crust and Bakery Cafe) because Hubby and I decided it was time for a date.  He had the day off and all 3 girls were in school.  We are becoming more intentional in investing in our marriage relationship and it has refueled our marriage relationship in a magical way.  We are rediscovering the beauty in prioritizing “us”.  Parenting is teaching us to reclaim date nights or in this case lunch dates even more.

Our lunch date destination took us to Upper Crust Bakery Cafe (UCBC).  We have heard of this cafe that opened since April 2016 and were glad to experience it on our lunch date.  UCBC serves breakfast and lunch daily with a full menu including muffins and bagels, specialty sandwiches and salads.  They also offer a wide selection of beverages, from premium coffee and hot chocolate smoothies and juice blends.

Our Yummy Story and Lunch Date Destination at UCBC in Trumbull, CTOn our lunch date, Hubby settled on the Cinnamon Raisin bagel with Smoked Salmon Cheese spread, Capers and Red Onion.  It sounded really good so I chose the same cheese spread but with Sundried Tomato bagel.  We both ordered Hot Chocolate because it was super cold that day.  We enjoyed every bite of the bagel along with every sip of the hot chocolate.  We are definitely going back with our girls.

The challenge for us was to go through the lunch date without talking about our girls.  Let’s just say, we failed miserably.  It was still wonderful to sit and talk without interruption.  We had a good laugh recounting our days before kids but would not change this beautiful chaos for nothing.  The beautiful chaos reminds us of the gift in these alone times.

I truly believe that successful individuals make successful marriages.  And undeniably, successful marriages in turn make successful families.  So let’s be intentional in investing in ourselves individually so that we can be empowered to succeed in our marriages which will transcend in our parenting life.

Our Yummy Story and Lunch Date Destination at UCBC in Trumbull, CTWe are looking forward to our next date and until then, we are very thankful for all the wonder-filled memories in between like this summer when I took all 3 of my girls to UCBC for a lunch date.  They were so excited to finally get a taste of UCBC.

They opted for bagels with peanut butter and jelly while I decided to try one of their Spring Hill sandwich, a lemon basil chicken salad with lettuce and tomato on a jalapeno bagel.  Our girls can’t wait for the next lunch date and I am glad for all the yummy memories along the way.  Our WELLthy family rates UCBC with 5 Yummy Yes because it’s simply yummy nutritious.

WELLthy Mom NODte:”Do not neglect your marriage in the busyness of parenting.  The birth of a child makes the marriage relationship that much more important because someone else is now also dependent on the success of the relationship.” -Family Block Ministry

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