My Top 3 Carpe Diem Mom Tips in Tough Mommy Times

My Top 3 Carpe Diem Mom Tips in Tough Mommy TimesWhen Babygirl is not feeling well, it’s so tough because all she wants is Maman. It’s even tougher when I too am not feeling well but I am learning to infuse some Carpe Diem perspective in the MOMent because mom life still goes on.

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Carpe Diem to me means more than seizing the day or MOMent but also how to extend that attitude in caring for myself so that I can better care of my family.  The following are my top 3 mom tips to help me shift to Carpe Diem mode when momlife gets tough.

Carpe Diem for my momlife involves a Bible devotion and prayer.  This helps strengthen my spirit and renew my mind, especially when my body is weak.  It makes a huge difference in shifting perspective from momming in my own strength to the God who called me to be mom to my three girls.

My Top 3 Carpe Diem Mom Tips in Tough Mommy TimesCarpe Diem for my momlife is to fight tiredness or sickness with resting.  As a work at home mom with a toddler home, it sounds impossible but it’s necessary.  I am learning to maximize my toddler’s nap time for my current needs.  We also take it easy, especially since we both haven’t been feeling well.  Some dancing music because a sick toddler still has lots of energy while I play audience (thank God for Pandora), play dough, legos and some of her favorite shows are definite winners to afford me some rest time.  I call them my “tough mommy times” remedies.  We cuddle and snuggle a lot those tough days with a blanket and some books.  That makes for wonder-filled MOMents.

Carpe Diem for my momlife includes reaching out to my mom tribe.  My mom tribe consists of Hubby and my girls first.  They have been so amazing at taking care of Babygirl and I that I count myself truly blessed.  In those tough mommy times, I realize that it really takes a tribe to succeed at momming and I oblige gladly.

So today, remember that tough mommy times don’t last but tough mommies do.  Momlife is much more than sleepless nights and tough days.  It’s a high calling with the sweetest perks of hugs, kisses, and cuddles.  No sleepless nights or tough times can’t take those small gifts away!  We can only do our best, one day at a time.  Here is to making the best of each day and infusing some Carpe Diem perspective in each MOMent!!

Count your blessings for someone else thinks that your grass is greener
Acknowledge your mistakes, learn from them and use the lessons to move forward
Receive the gift of today and do not let it go to waste in anger, bitterness and strife
Position yourself each day to receive all that God has for you and pay it forward
Enjoy each day as if it were your last for tomorrow is not guaranteed
Do forgive and forget for in it lies your healing and wholeness
Imagine the endless possibilities in the present and make it count for yourself and others
Expect nothing but the very best in every area of your life because you deserve it
Mean what you say and Say what you mean for you will eventually eat the fruit of your words

WELLthy Mom NODte: “Sanity and Happiness are an impossible combination” -Mark Twain

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