No Enemy Within

Happy Memorial Day to you all!!  Today is a reminder to not only honor those who sacrifice for our freedom but that ultimately, we win when there is no enemy within because then the enemies outside cannot hurt us.

As a  Work At Home Mom, I do my best to create a home environment of love, joy and peace for Hubby and my 3 princesses.  However, the only way to create and maintain such a safe haven and sanctuary is the understanding that it starts within me.


What I am Wearing:

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It’s becoming harder to find that balance to invest in myself, especially when life gets super busy.  I have been proactive at taking some “Me Time” at the first sign of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual exhaustion.  Sometimes I simply miss the mark and that’s quite alright!  The key to find that balance without feeling guilty is an art at the heart of this mommy life.

The “outside” will give its best shot at getting us to lose that balance, whether as individuals or a nation as a whole.  That’s why it’s important to foresee the signs before the situation even reaches us.  Sometimes prevention is better than cure!  One way I try to prevent “Out of balance” episodes is to respond to my need first! I am learning to make myself my priority so that I can better serve others.

Various ways I try to love on me are: taking walks, exercising, going for a drive with no specific destination, listening to music, reading a great book (the Bible being my all time favorite), time alone with God, getting together with girlfriends, or getting some well needed sleep.  Figure out ways to love on you as it may look different for every individual but taking time to recharge will make a difference in our lives!!

Me, myself and I should never underestimate the power of that unifying front.  The fact is that the “outside” can only disrupt and defeat when we allow it!  So let’s be mindful and safeguard ourselves, our marriages and our families.  Our communities and nation will sure benefit from it.

On this Memorial Day, I pray for this nation that embraced this little girl from Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa and showed her the infinite possibilities when faith meets determination.  I pray for this nation to realize the beauty and strength of one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  We are so much better together than apart.

What I am Wearing:

Zara Blue and White Blouse (here)| Uniqlo Navy Blue Capri Pants (here) |  Michael Kors Cognac Open Toe High Heels (here)

From my family to yours, Happy Memorial Day and God bless America!

Healthy Whole Lifestyle NODte: “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”

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