Secret Advantages of Being The Middle Child

Secret Advantages of Being The Middle ChildSecret Advantages of Being The Middle Child are a celebration of all middle children who ever felt that they were neglected, resentful, have no drive, have a negative outlook, felt like they didn’t belong. As we celebrate our middle child’s eight birthday today, we are thankful and proud of how far she has come standing out as a quiet leader and a force to reckon with.

I remember when our third child was born that our middle child started to withdraw and I was so busy caring for a newborn that I almost missed the opportunity to nurture the amazing being that she is. I remember when she came in our bed in the middle of the night because she needed to be comforted. We sat in the famous rocking chair in our home where I nursed all three and a favorite spot to comfort them. I started naming all the ways she matters in the equation that is one of three.

Secret Advantages of Being The Middle Child

  1. One Secret Advantage of Being The Middle Child is the full sibling experience. At four years old, she could not see the benefits of the full sibling experience yet because she didn’t know how to embrace being a little sister and a big sister. Today, she has two best friends who are always there for her and it’s a joy to see all three together.
  2. Another Secret Advantage of Being The Middle Child is that it forces you to stand out. Our middle child has always been the quiet one and not by choice. We started to notice a trend in our home where Babygirl would get the attention because she was the baby while the oldest would pretty much take most of our time talking at length about everything under the sun. Once we noticed the pattern, we decided to put a stop to it because it was not helping us raise confident individuals. We became very intentional learning about each girl’s love language and doing our best to speak in a way that fills up their love tank. Our middle child loves to be held so as long as we are snuggling with her reading a book or being creative together doing any STEM fun learning activity, it’s a win. The more intentional we became, we noticed a turnaround and today as we celebrate her 8th birthday, we are pleased to celebrate one confident and fierce 2nd grader.
  3. A Secret Advantage of Being The Middle Child is that you become a quiet leader by birth order. Lately, we have seen how her older sister and baby sister seek her out to play or read or get creative in their Maker space. Sometimes she feels torn and that’s when we come to the rescue to ensure that she makes the choice that she prefers and not feel pressured whatsoever.

Secret Advantages of Being The Middle ChildSecret Advantages of Being The Middle Child vary depending on the children. Common traits that middle children display are that they are flexible, team-builders, independent, yet also social. They don’t need to be micromanaged. Middle children are the most willing to negotiate. They are agreeable, diplomatic, and compromising, and they handle disappointment well. They have realistic expectations, are the least likely to be spoiled, and they tend to be the most independent.

Secret Advantages of Being The Middle ChildI am thankful to see my middle child blossoming into her own and as her mom, I pray that she sees her birth order as a strength and not a weakness because though she be little and the middle child, she is fierce and powerful in her own right. Now laissez les bons temps rouler as we celebrate our middle child and princess!

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