STEM Summer Camp at Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, CT

STEM Summer Camp at Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, CTOur girls are so excited about their upcoming week of STEM Summer Camp at Discovery Museum.  For those who have been following my parenting journey, you know that we are a STEM family at heart so when it came time to choose a STEM Summer camp for our girls, Discovery Museum was our ultimate choice.

Each summer, Discovery Museum welcomes kids from Kindergarten to Grade 9 for interactive STEM learning adventures that explore a wide array of topics.  From bugs to robots and everything in between, Discovery summer programs feature trending themes and fun challenges each week with full and half-day programs offered through August 11.  Extended Day participants enjoy additional activities & outdoor time, weather permitting.

My oldest two will be Adventurers (for children entering Grades 2 through 4) and Voyagers (for children Grades 4 through 6).  They both chose the Robotics theme because my oldest is a future engineer while my middle is interested in medicine. Hubby and I do our best to encourage who they want to become.

STEM Summer Camp at Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, CTThis is the first STEM Summer Camp they attend because Hubby and I understand the need to expand their STEM horizons.  We are intentional in investing in STEM programs and activities that challenge them and make STEM relevant to every day life.

The STEM Summer Camp at Discovery Museum is perfect to fuel your child’s innate curiosity and creativity, even your tween at home.  There is something for every age and still time to sign up.  Here is a brief summary of what’s in store for the next few weeks.

BRAINIACS – For children entering Kindergarten or 1st Grade

FLIGHT SCHOOL July 24 – 28
Want to earn your pilot’s wings? Come discover how planes get in the air, the parts they need to work, and how a pilots get where they need to go. You’ll also visit a “spacecraft” to practice your flight skills!


KosmicKidsKOSMIC KIDS June 31 – August 4
Looking for a truly out-of-this-world experience? Come be an astronaut for a week! Learn about planets, space, and our place in the solar system.



LooneyLabsLOONEY LABS August 7 – 11
Join us for a week of wild and wacky science experiments. Slime, ooze, and lots of other fun activities–we guarantee an explosive experience!
Warning: Extended Day Program is sold out for this week.

ADVENTURERS – For children entering Grades 2-4

MakerBlocksROBOTICS 101 July 24 – 28
SORRY! This program is sold out.



MadScientistLabMAD SCIENTIST LABORATORY July 31 – August 4
WANTED: Mad Scientists ready to get up to their elbows in all sorts of possibly yucky experiments. Must be willing to risk learning something. Explosions are possible.


MoreMadScientistDO TRY THIS AT HOME! August 7 – 11
Ever wish you could show your friends the cool experiments you did over the summer? We will take you through several science experiments that you can do right at home–with your parents’ permission, of course!
Warning: Extended Day Program is sold out for this week.

VOYAGERS – For children entering Grades 4-6


ROBOTICS 202 July 24 – 28
Try your hand at programming some of our robotic friends here at Discovery. You’ll do challenges with our existing robots, and even figure out how to build one of your own. Join us for a week of building and coding fun!


SpyLabSPY LAB July 31 – August 4
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: master the skills essential to being a spy. Learn fingerprinting techniques, send coded messages, solve mysteries, and more!


Get a taste of the sweet science of candy as we learn how different kinds of treats are made. We’ll make and test them, too–don’t forget to bring your sweet tooth!
Warning: Extended Day Program is sold out for this week.

EXPLORERS – For children entering Grades 5-7

RobotMakerROBOT MAKER July 24 – 28
Seems like robots are everywhere! Ever wish you had your own? Learn about robotics and build one to take home…sorry, your robot won’t do your homework, no matter how awesome it is!


JUST LIKE MAGIC July 31 – August 4
Ever wondered how certain magic tricks are done? Or maybe how special effects work? Join us for a week of stage and screen “magic” and find out. We’ll learn about chemistry, illusions, and some of the science behind movie magic.


DontTryThisDON’T TRY THIS AT HOME August 7 – 11
Get ready for a week of the coolest, hottest, most explosive activities you can imagine. Mad Scientists and Evil Super Geniuses welcome! Don’t worry, you’ll be safe, but remember…Don’t Try This at Home!
Warning: Extended Day Program is sold out for this week.

TRAILBLAZERS – For children entering Grades 6-9


RollerCoasterScienceROLLER COASTER SCIENCE July 24 – 28
Get into the science of all that shakes, rattle, and rolls. Experiment with the physics of amusement park rides and learn about just what goes on when you ride a roller coaster.


We can’t wait to hear all about the STEM memories they will be making at their very first STEM Summer Camp at Discovery Museum and we can tell this STEM Summer Camp is just the beginning of many fun learning ones.

Are you a Harry Potter fan?  Are you interested in discovering the magic of science?  Then The Discovery School of Science and Wizardry on Sunday, July 30 is just for you. Watch the video below for a trailer about this magical day and mark your calendar for Sunday, July 30 at Discovery Museum where some magical activities and live science demonstrations await.

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