My Title Boxing Club Experience in Milford, CT

My Title Boxing Club Experience in Milford, CTMy Title Boxing Club experience happened in support to my mom friend, Jennifer, who owns the boxing club.  I still can’t believe it’s been four years when she ventured into the business and we will spend some time in the school parking lot sharing how tough it is to balance family, business and self-care.

My WELLthy mom journey consists of a fit lifestyle that enjoys a great challenge.  When I ran into Jennifer one afternoon, I was so excited to see her and hear about the great things that were happening in her life and business.  She mentioned to me about the 4 year celebration of Title Boxing Club and I told her that she could count me in.

My Title Boxing Club Experience in Milford, CTI really did not know what to expect because I have never been in Title Boxing Club before.  I was glad to have my niece alongside me that day for support.  We showed up ready to attack the Trainer Jamboree fists on.  I was excited for the Trainer Jamboree because it was the perfect workout session where I had the pleasure to workout with different trainers for one hour.  The Trainer Jamboree consists of 15 minutes warm up, 30 minutes intense boxing and 15 minutes core workout.

Title Boxing offers group boxing and kickboxing classes taught by experienced personnel. Their fun but demanding exercises help clients efficiently lose weight or build muscle. Classes are available for people of every skill level throughout the week, so a busy schedule is never an issue.

My Title Boxing Club Experience in Milford, CTTITLE Boxing Club Milford makes it easy to stick with your fitness routine with a wide range of class options starting in the early morning and running until after 7 in the evening. Classes are also available on Saturday and Sunday to better fit your scheduling needs.

This boxing club also provides one-on-one personal training, so clients can receive a fitness plan that meets their needs and expectations. Trainers often have clients work out in the boxing ring, lift weights, and perform cardio and abdominal exercises.


My Title Boxing Club Experience in Milford, CTThe team at TITLE Boxing Club Milford understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to getting fit. Personal trainers carefully evaluate each individual’s fitness level to develop a customized workout plan dedicated to helping you effectively improve your fitness.

I love the fact that it was me versus the bag, with targeted strategies for the win in jabs, foot work, left hook and uppercuts.  It was the perfect mind and body challenge to push me beyond my comfort zone and it worked.


My Title Boxing Club Experience in Milford, CTThe professional trainers at Title Boxing want to help clients achieve the bodies they’ve always wanted. That’s why they developed a unique program called the Power Hour. This class utilizes a combination of boxing and kickboxing techniques and incorporates various other exercises. Led by experienced boxers, kickboxers, and mixed martial artists, these classes are ideal for people looking to tone their bodies and attain outstanding physical results.

My Title Boxing Club experience left me empowered and ready for another one.  From the energetic and passionate trainers to the full of grit boxers, we were in it to win the fight and I love the “no boxers left behind” camaraderie.  It was the best hour of my day and it felt so good.

My Title Boxing Club Experience in Milford, CTI am making plans to return and I would definitely recommend it for a total mind and body conditioning.  I couldn’t be more proud of my mom friend Jennifer and she is a true example of what it takes to challenge yourself, believe in yourself, take yourself to the next level and become UNSTOPPABLE!  Happy 4 years Title Boxing Club and glad to have been part of one awesome celebration!

WELLthy Mom NODte:”If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” – Maya Angelou

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