How One Track Clinic Coach Challenged The Limits

Summer Track Clinic CampOne Track Clinic coach challenged the limits this summer and it was amazing to see.  The Track Clinic coach is Heidi from H4Fitness and she refused to let the children be anything but their best.  Coach Heidi brought her passion for running to the track and raised the bar a little higher each time the children succeeded.

Coach Heidi founded H4Fitness on the belief that a healthy heart is a happy heart! Running, she says, is her passion and it has led her to live a healthy and happy life.  Her coaching system is designed to make fitness a fun, social, and rewarding experience for all.

She assists individuals, groups or families in gradually changing aily decisions that lead towards a healthy lifestyle. She definitely demonstrated that belief and passion at the Track Clinic this summer.  It was wonderful seeing the kids respond to her passion and perform their best.

I am a runner at heart but I became inconsistent after my third baby.  I am learning to be creative in my fitness journey and goal.  One strategy that has worked for me is to go jogging with my toddler after lunch, weather permitting, and it has helped me tremendously to stay active.

Summer Track Clinic CampOur family is a firm believer that a family that works out together stays fit together.  When our oldest 2 started Track Clinic this summer, I wasn’t sure how my middle one would handle it.  I didn’t know if she was excited because she was with her sister or because she really wanted to run track.

Track Clinic runs in two sessions and we signed them up for both through the Trumbull Parks and Recreation.  When the first session started, I was pleasantly surprised to see how both girls encouraged each other through those 2 hours, 2 evening every week.  When the first session ended, my middle one could run 12 laps, the equivalent of almost a 5K run.  Our oldest pushed herself to run 13 laps around the track.  That was major and this mama couldn’t be more proud.

Summer Track Clinic CampThen again, I shouldn’t be surprised because whenever Coach Heidi interacted with the kids, she inspired them by not just telling them but by showing them the reasons.  She challenged them every warm-up, on the track and during cool down.

My girls are handling a 3-minute plank like it was nothing.  They now challenge us to raise the bar a little higher when the times they coach us during our family workout and we gladly oblige.

It was difficult to see this Track Clinic end but we are making sure to take advantage of the momentum Coach Heidi started and still going to the track 2 evenings a week.  We enjoy this time time together as a family while getting the opportunity to work our fitness goals.  Summer in Connecticut is soon coming to an end so the goal as a family is to maximize as many outdoor activities we can together.

Here is to a Happy WELLthy weekend together and to amazing coaches that challenge our limits!

WELLthy Mom NODte:”They call it coaching but it’s teaching.  You do not just tell them, you show them the reasons.” -Vince Lombardi

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