Tucheze Fitness Dance – Leg Work with Gwara Gwara and Bela

Tucheze Fitness Dance - Leg Work with Gwara Gwara and BelaTucheze Fitness Dance – Leg Work with Gwara Gwara and Bela  is my way of featuring these two African dance moves in a fitness dance routine. Many social medial outlets kept talking about the South African dance Gwara Gwara after the Barbados singer Rihanna wowed the audience when she danced the South African original move at the 60th Grammy Award show held at Madison Square.

Some on social media have incorrectly identified the move as the stanky leg, but users have been quick to correct them and point out the dance’s proper origin. In South Africa, the dance move was originally created by the well-known DJ Bongz, The DJ has since tagged both Rihanna and DJ Khaled for dancing like him.

According to the publication The South African, the Gwara Gwara reached peak popularity in the country last year thanks to DJ Bongz (he even posted a video afterward tagging Rihanna).

Social media celebrated Rihanna’s inclusion of the Gwara Gwara in her performance, claiming it as a “victory for Zimbabwe” and tweeting that “South Africa is also influencing world pop culture.” One account even shared a video that will teach you how to do the Gwara Gwara .

Many credit DJ Bongz as a pioneer of the dance. The electronic musician is hot on creating dance trends, like the Kuruza, via social media challenges with a hashtag which encourages young fans to copy the dance and share. Just over a year ago, it spread through South African schoolyards to nightlife, eventually grabbing the attention of African American artists.

Tucheze Fitness Dance – Leg Work with Gwara Gwara and Bela includes the Bela, an Angolan dance move I got a great leg work out from that day. People have admitted that African dance gives them a workout and they are right. African dance is a total body workout that gives you all the feels when you are done because you don’t even realize you have exercised.

Tucheze Fitness Dance – Leg Work with Gwara Gwara and Bela choreography was done with the music of one of our favorite African Gospel singers, Ada Ehi, singing “I’m a miracle” and we hope you enjoy it.

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