WELLthy Marriages Make WELLthy Families

WELLthy marriages make WELLthy familiesWELLthy Marriages Make WELLthy Families is the best advice I can give any married couple that is starting a family.  Hubby and I have been married for 10+ years now and the song titled “A baby changes everything” is so right on so many levels.

I remember our marriage before children was all about Hubby and I.  We enjoyed talking in the wee hours of the night because it was just Hubby and I.  We enjoyed working out together because it was just Hubby and I.  We could carry plenty of conversation without being interrupted because it was just Hubby and I.

A baby did change everything and each one of our baby girls is the proof of that.  I have a confession to make and I am not very proud of: once I became a mom, I became all mom!  I was no longer Nathalie or a wife.  I poured myself into my mommy calling so much so that our marriage struggled a lot.

They say to put your spouse first but I did not.  They say to go on a date but I couldn’t leave our babies.  They say to display your love for each other in ways to set an example to your children of what a healthy marriage looks like but I was too busy being mommy.

WELLthy marriages make WELLthy familiesI did not understand why each of our girls when they were younger would disrupt any sign of us showing some affection to each other.  I did not realize how I trained them to think it was alright to interrupt my time with Hubby.  I decided it was time to bring some order back into our marriage and family.

As a work at home mom, I make a point to run to the door when Hubby comes home before our girls beat me to it.  I do my best to affectionately greet my husband whenever I get the chance.  We do our best to get some “we” time in front of our girls.

WELLthy marriages make WELLthy familiesOur girls are understanding more and more that WELLthy marriages make WELLthy families.  Our oldest one is encouraging us to go on a date now because she says we are happier when we do.  Is it easy to prioritize our marriage? Not the least bit!  Is it worth it? You bet!

I am learning to go back to our dating days and why I fell in love with this man.  Putting him first in the busy everyday mom life is taking being intentional.  We are laughing more.  We are doing our best to speak each other’s love language.  We are checking in each other during the day by phone to see how our day is going.  We are enjoying more “we” time once the girls go to bed.  I am loving the newness in our married life and thank God for knocking some sense out of me.  The balancing act is an ongoing battle but well worth the fight.

We are at a better place in our marriage because we are also learning that it starts with us individually.  I am at a better place mind, body and spirit and that makes me a better woman, a better wife and a better mom.  A baby may change everything but only for the best when priorities and order are in place.

I am so excited for our church making marriage a priority and celebrating National Marriage Week all next week with some exciting events. Hubby and I are making a point to invest in our marriage and looking forward to adding a wealth of knowledge to our marriage arsenal but we are determined to apply what we will be learning to better our marriage.

WELLthy Mom NODte: “WELLthy marriages make WELLthy families.” -LadyNOD

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