What Makes A WELLthy Woman?

What Makes A WELLthy Woman?What makes a WELLthy woman is understanding what it takes to balance, in my case, being woman, wife, and mom while fulfilling my purpose on this earth. As most of us know, it’s quite daunting but as challenging as it may seem at times, I thank God for great leaders and mentors along the way that inspire us to have confidence in ourselves for the journey.

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Whenever I find myself struggling, I look for stories of other women, wives, and mothers who thrive in spite of the struggles. One such woman, whose life story is like a blueprint of WELLthy, is often referred as the Virtuous Woman.  This woman is like a mentor to me and I enjoy learning from her life because she epitomizes everything healthy and wealthy.

When I think of her, these are the attributes that come to mind:

  • This woman’s worth is beyond what money can buy because she is a healthy whole person on her own: mind, body and spirit.  She doesn’t need a man to complete her but to complement her. Let the records show that the man has to find her because this woman is all about her business.
  • She holds the key to a successful marriage.  The fruit of such success lies in the fact that her husband lacks no good thing and adores her.
  • This woman takes great care of her entire household and makes sure everyone is provided for.
  • She is a sharp business woman and a sophisticated investor.
  • She is a true philanthropist and her generosity starts at home and extends beyond.
  • She epitomizes a true leading lady in how she carries herself as a woman, wife and mother.
  • True success for her is to have the praise of her husband and children because she understands it to be her greatest life report card.
  • She is a true example of a healthy whole and I am learning through her life story that a WELLthy lifestyle is not impossible.

What Makes A WELLthy Woman?What makes a WELLthy woman is a woman who clearly shows that we can have it all and with diligent work. This woman is a woman of God, a wife of noble character, a mother with love and authority, a fantastic homemaker, a businesswoman, a philanthropist, and a community leader.  She assumes all those roles with such dignity and ease that I have always wondered how on earth she made it possible.  Then I realize that the key to her success lies in the God in her.

She is wise enough to know that she can’t rely on her natural strength to make all these happen.  Instead, she surrendered her natural to acquire God’s supernatural.  Her life overflows with the God within her and she in turn blesses everyone around her.

What makes a WELLthy woman is the realization that it’s all in the WELLthy MOMents and small wins!  I thank God for showing me through this virtuous woman what happens when one ordinary woman chooses to trust one extraordinary God!

Happy Tuesday Lovelies and here’s to enjoying WELLthy MOMents together!

WELLthy Mom NODte:”Good leaders inspire people to have confidence in their leader. Great leaders inspire people to have confidence in themselves.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

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