What I learned From WOW Summit 2017

What I learned From WOW Summit 2017I learned from WOW Summit 2017 so many valuable lessons that I am excited to share. The WOW Summit 2017 took place at the beautiful Eaglewood Resort and Spa in Itasca, Illinois and was hosted by Moms Meet, a community that connects and empowers moms who are interested in raising healthier families, through online events, educational content, product sampling opportunities, and more.

What I am Wearing:

prAna Aya Sweater (here)| prAna Jenna Pant (here) | Banana Republic Almond Toe Round-Heel Pump (here)

What I learned From WOW Summit 2017I learned from WOW Summit 2017 that it’s a family affair. Having my family there with me means the world because they are part of me. Our family arrived the night before the WOW Summit because we wanted the chance to enjoy and explore the resort at our leisure. The pool was calling our girls’ name so we obliged. We then enjoyed a light dinner at one of Eaglewood Resort dining choices called The Market. When I realized that Babygirl was down to 1 pullup, I was glad that Eaglewood Resort and Spa offered a courtesy shuttle, within 3 miles radius of the resort, so to Walmart, we went.

What I learned From WOW Summit 2017I also learned from WOW Summit 2017 the power of connection. The WOW Summit was a powerful, two-day event (October 13-14) beyond workshops.  The WOW Summit is really where moms meet. One of my mom friends from Connecticut came this year and I am so glad we got the chance to connect. It was also wonderful to meet and connect with other mom bloggers.

Another lesson I learned from WOW Summit 2017 is that the mom journey is a lifelong learning process. The WOW Summit kicked off with a panel discussion titled How To Find Your Voice and Rise Above The Doubt. I learned so much from the ladies on the panel about the importance of staying true to your authentic self.

What I learned From WOW Summit 2017It’s interesting that the workshop I attended after was called Break Free from the Echo-Chamber of Blogging to Write Viral Posts by Kara Carrero. Kara really spoke to where I am heading with the blog as I was beginning to lose sight of my authenticity. I left the workshop being inspired and reminded of my why in this healthy whole lifestyle journey.

The second workshop of the day was called Increase Your Blog Income by Using Affiliate Links by Carolina King. I am thankful for all the valuable tips Carolina shared about increasing my blog income and I learned so much from her own experience.

What I learned From WOW Summit 2017I learned from WOW Summit 2017 that community over competition is key to who we are at Moms Meet. Table5 delicious corn meal pizza crust was the perfect opportunity to put that into practice with a delicious lunch that we kept raving about. Connecting with my moms meet community is one of the main reasons I love attending WOW Summit.

We came back for another panel discussion called Balancing Work and Motherhood and it was exactly what this mama needed as I am learning to balance a healthy whole lifestyle being wife, mom and business woman. It made me realize how wonderful it was to have my family there with me so I took the opportunity to hang out with them before finishing off Friday with a cocktail party.

What I learned From WOW Summit 2017We kicked off Saturday morning with a fun fashion show, featuring prAna clothes, and I enjoyed being part of it while Hubby and my girls proudly watched. Then we listened together to Top Ways to Detox Your Life Joyously by Joy McCarthy. When my oldest whispered to me that some of Joy’s tips sounded familiar, it was one of the best MOMents to this mama.

I learned from WOW Summit 2017 how much I enjoy discovering companies that share our family’s healthy whole lifestyle. Hubby and our girls joined me at the Exhibit Hall because it’s one of our favorite part of the WOW Summit. Our girls left understanding the importance of supporting brands that reinforce our WELLthy lifestyle.

What I learned From WOW Summit 2017Lastly, I learned from WOW Summit 2017 that I am not alone in this WELLthy mom journey. I had the wonderful opportunity in one weekend to connect with moms and brands who support my heart to raise a healthy and happy family. I am so thankful to have those amazing experiences with Hubby and our girls that we are already planning for next year WOW Summit in Anaheim, CA. Hope to see you there!

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