Why I Choose Faith Over Fear

Why I Choose Faith Over FearWhy I choose faith over fear is what helps me time and time again to rise above any challenge or devastating news I happen to hear or experience.  This morning started like any typical morning of getting ready for school and work.  After dropping my girls, I got a phone call from Hubby telling me about the Las Vegas deadly shooting near Mandalay Bay Casino and I was devastated.

On Sunday night, a lone gunman became responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history when he opened fire on an outdoor concert festival in Las Vegas, claiming at least 50+ lives and injuring another 500+.  The first thought that came to my mind was that we have not even recovered from Hurricane Harvey, Irma or Maria and now this. Hubby and I finished our phone call praying and realizing how fragile each moment truly is.

Why I choose faith over fear in the midst of it all is simply because of my trust and hope in God.  The God I serve is faithful and without faith it’s impossible to please Him.  I am learning to turn my faith on high alert when receiving devastating news like this because I refuse to let fear take over my life.  Faith has carried me through too many difficult life experiences to let fear reign in my heart and mind.

Why I choose faith over fear in the midst of it all is simply because of my marriage.  Hubby and I have had our share of marital struggles but ultimately, we understood that we were not fighting against each other but against a common enemy that wants to kill, steal and destroy our marriage.  We are choosing each day to carry faith in God as a banner for our marriage because we have learned that’s the only way to have a successful marriage.

Why I Choose Faith Over FearWhy I choose faith over fear in the midst of it all is simply because of my children.  My children are my driving force to leave a legacy of faith.  I am a firm believer in raising my children aware that real life happens to all of us and to be open to be vehicle of God’s love, joy and peace in this world.  We live in a time when safeguarding their innocent heart while opening their eyes within age appropriateness to tragedies in the world around us is how Hubby and I are raising princess warriors!

Why I choose faith over fear in the midst of it all is simply because of my passion and purpose.  My heart to use my life to inspire others not only starts with Hubby and my girls but also extends outside our home.  I used to feel powerless when I heard devastating news thinking that there is nothing I can do as just one person until watching an ant changed my perspective.

Everyone knows that ants can carry things much larger than themselves, up to 50 times their own weight. As a human it’s hard to fathom how they do it. Research shows that an ant’s strength to lift many times its weight actually depends on its small size.  With an exoskeleton,  the external skeleton that supports and protects an animal’s body, the smaller the insect is, the less burden it has in supporting its own tissue and thus it can routinely lift proportionally larger burdens.

Why I Choose Faith Over FearI found the research fascinating as I started to see myself through the power of an ant.  In my own power, there is really so little I can do with so many tragedies that seem to now occur too often for my own taste until faith showed me what I was doing wrong.

Faith activated my eyes to see God as my exoskeleton, the external layer that supports and protects me. As I started to humble myself and rely less in my own power and more in His power, the less burden I began having in supporting my own abilities and thus enabling God to routinely lift proportionally larger burdens in my life.

Every time I choose faith over fear, I surrender my all for God’s all and it has brought me through so many tragedies like this morning and not let fear take over.  I see beyond me and think about all the lives and families affected last night.  I think about the current devastation the hurricanes left behind and I do my best to help whenever I can.

This morning the best I could do was to pray for comfort for every family affected and for this nation to understand the amazing power that lies in the ants’ unity.  One of my greatest mentors said it best:”Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.”  We need to come together as the United States of America in faith and love and not give in fear and hate to turn us into the Divided States of America.  Each of us has the power to change the world by starting with us and in our homes so let each choice we make reflect a faith that inspires rather than a fear that cripples.

Sending many hugs to all this Monday and Here’s to making WELLthy MOMents together in faith and love!

WELLthy Mom NODte:”Let each choice we make reflect a faith that inspires rather than a fear that cripples.” -LadyNOD


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  1. What a sweet and wonderful story! I don’t know if I can share a story of a Mom struggle being turned into a Mom strength since I’ve been a Mom for a year, but I do look forward to reading the stories of other women.

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