Our Yummy Story Destination to Bartaco in Wesport, CT

Our Yummy Story Destination to Bartaco in Wesport, CTOur Yummy Story Destination to Bartaco in Westport, CT was the perfect opportunity to end the week with some yummy inspiration. Bartaco is inspired by the beach culture of Brazil, Uruguay and Southern California. It’s upscale street food meeting coastal vibe in a relaxed environment.

Bartaco in Westport, CT was truly the perfect vibe for our family Sunday afternoon.  The atmosphere at Bartaco does evoke a visit to a stylish beach resort and we knew we were in for an unforgettable experience.  Our waitress Alexandria made us feel right at home with her warm smile and we couldn’t wait to start our yummy adventure.

Our Yummy Story Destination to Bartaco in Wesport, CTWe started with Bartaco signature guacamole and salsa verde with chips.  The guacamole was the perfect blend of fresh ingredients and we had to place a second order.  The salsa verde has the perfect kick for those of us who like spicy food.  Hubby and I ended up enjoying it more than the girls.


Our Yummy Story Destination to Bartaco in Wesport, CTNext came our selection of refreshing and colorful drinks.  Our oldest two ordered a drink from the kids menu called Sunset, the perfect blend of pineapple juice, fresh orange juice and grenadine.

Babygirl had the pleasure to enjoy her tropical mango nectar while Hubby and I, being ginger lovers, enjoyed Bartaco fresh juices of grapefruit, ginger, agua fresca which was our waitress’ recommendation and it was the perfect refreshing blend to usher us into our entrees.

Hubby ordered a Duck taco with a side of plantains and it was simply divine.  Our girls are all about sharing so they ordered the kids’ Chicken tacos and quesadillas.  The quesadillas were such a hit that they placed a second order.  I came ready to experience the new Bartaco secret taco of the season.

Our Yummy Story Destination to Bartaco in Wesport, CTLast week for National Taco Day, Bartaco launched their Lamb Barbacoa taco—succulent, slow-cooked lamb, drizzled with Bartaco’s own habanero sauce, and topped with pickled onion. The marinated lamb packs bold flavors of adobo and other seasonal spices, while the habanero-pickled onion keeps the heat to remind us of summer.

All I can say is that I had to place a second order because Bartaco Lamb Barbacoa taco was everything and more.  My taste buds were rejoicing with all the bold favors and there is nothing better than experiencing for yourself.  I assure you that your taste buds will thank you.

Our Yummy Story Destination to Bartaco in Wesport, CTWhat better way to end our yummy story destination than with dessert.  Our dessert choices for the evening were Bartaco Mint Chip and Coconut gelatos.  The girls put it best when they said being at Barteco felt like being in a tropical island in the middle of Connecticut.

We also had the pleasure of meeting the General Manager, Marianna, whose passion and heart for people is contagious.  Those who know me know that I love inspirational success stories. Marianna is originally from Hungary.  Her inspiring story of being in the States for 18 years and starting with Bartaco 7 years ago when they opened the first Bartaco in Port Chester, NY to now managing the Westport location and another Bartaco opening very soon is the reason why I love meeting amazing people along my journey as a blogger.

Our Yummy Story Destination to Bartaco in Wesport, CTAs an immigrant myself, it inspires me to know that passion coupled with hard work always pays a sweet reward.  My family and I enjoy our Yummy Story Destination to Bartaco so much that we are giving it 5 Yummy Yes and are already making plans to go back.

We are so glad we had the opportunity to discover and experience such a yummy gem in Bartaco, right at the heart of Fairfield County.  Those are the experiences that really embody the healthy whole MOMents that we seek along with the wonderful stories that come with it.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend and here’s to enjoying WELLthy MOMents together! Bisous!

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